Physical Education Teacher Job Description

Physical Education Teacher Job Description Physical Education Teacher Job Description

Here is a Physical Education Teacher  Job Description template that you can use for posting a job.

We are looking to hire a dynamic, physically fit and self-disciplined Physical Education Teacher (PET) who has a wide knowledge of sports and the health sciences. The candidate should be able to engage the students from kindergarten to high school. The candidate is expected to be pleasant and friendly and engage the students with creative activities. The PET, like all other teachers, needs to have strong speaking and listening skills. Because he/she should be able to communicate and demonstrate any activity properly. 

As a PET, the candidate’s major responsibilities are to train students in various sports and games by organizing events and competitions and to develop various innovative activities for exercise-based learning. The PET must also instruct students about health, nutrition and physical development and guide them about the benefits of regular exercise.

The candidate should also be able to identify and analyze the student’s abilities and weaknesses with the help of formal or informal tests or competitions. 

The PET is expected to be more vigilant, highly observant and must be able to resolve any issue quickly.

Physical Education Teacher’s Responsibilities are to:

  • Organize various sports and games, extra-curricular activities and challenges that promote physical activity among the students of all levels.
  • Plan for the day-wise or week-wise physical and recreational activities important for the growth of students.
  • Evaluate and record every student’s physical abilities and interact with parents as required.
  • Prepare and motivate children to participate in School, Inter-School, District, State and National Level competitions.
  • Instruct students about health, nutrition and physical development.
  • Guide students to be aware of the benefits of regular exercise.
  • Organize the morning assembly with enthusiastic student participation.
  • Prepare students for the sports day activities like march past, drills, guard of honour, calisthenic exercises and several other group performances.
  • Interact with other teachers to prepare and organize interdisciplinary lessons.
  • Participate in conferences, seminars, workshops, staff meetings, continuing professional development programmes and any other school events.
  • Dedicate himself/herself to the overall welfare of the students and growth of the institution

Physical Education  Teacher’s Requirements:

  • Master’s / Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.
  • Diploma in Physical Education (D.P.Ed)/Bachelor in Physical Education (B.P.Ed) Course.
  • Prior experience in a similar field is preferable.
  • Physical fitness and self-discipline.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Knowledge of many kinds of exercise and first aid training.
  • Compassion and respect for all students.
  • Ability to make appropriate decisions timely.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate students towards health consciousness and physical development.

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